Vol​.​II - Everything We Know is Wrong

by sans nom

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released July 1, 2015

ALBUM ART BY- QUIN C. GREIG www.facebook.com/quin.c.greig.art



all rights reserved


sans nom

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Track Name: Angels
A time not so long ago
Angels held my head up high

Maybe I stopped believing
Maybe they were never there
Maybe it's all a state of mind.
And I no longer care
And now I'm losing faith.
Faith within myself
Stuck over thinking life
Over thinking wealth

And now there's nothing I can do
Without feeling scared
Scared I'm running out of time
No wasted day to spare
Listen to me now
Forlorn And self obsessed
Some please just tell me
Why I'm so depressed
Track Name: You can't go home again
I put so much stock
In my public perception
I don't know what else to invest in
A lifetime spent
Doing as you say
But now I must
Find my own way
Track Name: Attention Deficit
Melodramatic insights
And Nothing is my fault
Rushing everything in life
With Unsatisfying results

My pain outweighs the good
I am not to blame
My mind is full of empty thought
With No ambitions or aim
Track Name: Unconscious Bliss
I'll just sleep away my troubles
I'm never coming back
I'm in unconscious bliss
off the beaten path
When I'm alone I'm on top of the world
The light is up
and it's up for me

My thoughts are consumed
by my own self defeat
so concerned with money
so full of conceit
So self involved
so self obsessed
when there's so much more that need's to be addressed.

Why can't I express
why I'm so depressed
My mind's gone numb
I have no where to run
Where's my motivation
where is my drive
I'm all done here I won't even try

There has to be more to a human being than this.
There has to be more than being a human, remiss.
I've found no answers, I'm too full of doubt.
But at least I have something to complain about
Track Name: Self Obsessed
Self depricating, reclusive,
Regrettably modest.
No ambition, stagnant thought,
Questionably Honest
Consistently inconsistent
I'll apologize for all the things I didn't do
Or is everything I've just said,
An embellished version of the truth

I don't want to be living
I don't want to be dead
I'll contradict myself
Until the bitter sweet end

This is the make up
Of my simply, complex brain.
Overworked, over thought
I'm certifiably insane
Consumed by hypocrisy
Surrounded by idiocy
For every indiosyncrasy
I'll tighten my lips even more

If Limbo were a real place
That's where I'd fit in best
A place where nothing else exists
No fucking family crest
So please
Assuage my fears, ease my mind
or just leave me here, stop caring
I want to be left behind
Track Name: Desperate Measures
How can something so appealing
lose it's allure?
How can such beauty
turn it's back on the world.
It's hard to articulate
without repeating the phrase.
Stop living your life
by counting the days
Track Name: Unhappy Thoughts
There's no one around
Who I can open up to
Afraid Of being judged
I'm far too insecure.
Conning for sympathy
Deficient of empathy
But I don't say a word
Why can't I change

My mind wanders so far
To place where I'm on par
Equal with everyone
But this fantasy eludes me

I have nothing worthwhile to say
I have no voice
No plan, no future
No rational choice
Are these thoughts my own?
They're growing like a cancer
analytically obsessed With
finding an answer

From day to day to day to day
I've grown weary of this routine
But I'm afraid of change.
I think too much. So I'll say

Track Name: Everything We Know is Wrong
Everything we know
it's all been wrong
Everything we face
we can overcome

Everything we know is wrong
but the damage can still be undone